Cabin for Construction Machinery

Construction machinery cabins are assembled with differently shaped pipe, making full use of automobile assembly technology and special press formation technology.

Cabin for Construction Machinery

Cabin for Hydraulic Excavator Car

Cabin for Mini Excavator Car

Cabin for Mini Wheel loader

Cabin for Mining Machinery

Production Process

①Panel stamping

The basic skeleton of cabins for construction machinery consists mainly of large panels, small panels, and variant shaped steel pipes.
The large panels and variant shaped steel pipes are processed in-house.

②Welding and assembly

Each part is welded together. The panels and variant shaped steel pipes are assembled using either arc welding or spot welding, depending on the area.
Robots are used for some of the welding to save on labor.


The cabin is coated after welding and assembling, then the glass, wiper, and other trim parts are fitted.
The trim parts be mounted vary depending on the type of cabin, with approximately 700 components trimmed per unit.
Robots handle a portion of this work.