The axle unit is comprised of differential gears installed in an Axle Housing.
The Axle Housing is the case that holds the differential gears.

This case is a formed steel part that is assembled using welding and machining processes.

Variety of Axles with supuerior quality.


Axle Housing

  • Rear Axle Housing for Heavy Duty Truck

    Length=2,100mm Weight=150kg

  • Front Axle housing

    Length=1,450mm Weight=35kg

  • Rear Axle Housing for Light Duty Truck

    Length=1,650mm Weight=60kg

Rear Drive Axle

  • Rear Axle Unit for Heavy Duty Truck

    Length=2,200mm Weight=650kg

  • Rear Axle Unit for Medium Duty Truck

    Length=2,000mm Weight=280kg

  • Rear Axle Unit for Light Duty Truck

    Length=1,600mm Weight=180kg

  • Rear Axle Unit for Pick-Up Truck

    Length=1,400mm Weight=100kg

  • Rear Axle Unit for Pick-Up Truck

    Length=1,700mm Weight=230kg

  • Axle Tube Unit

    Length=640mm Weight=10kg

Rear Dead Axle

  • Dead Axle Unit for Medium-Heavy Duty Truck

    Length=2,200mm Weight=400kg

Front Axle

  • Front Axle Unit for Medium-Heavy Duty Truck

    Length=2,500mm Weight=350kg

  • Front Axle Unit (Rigid Type)

    Length=1,900mm Weight=150kg

Production Process

①Forming axle housings

An axle housing is divided into upper and lower steel plates that are stamping. For large axle housings, steel plates 14 mm thick are heated and stamped with a large 3,000-ton press.

②Welding and assembling axle housings

The stamping axle housing, forged end tubes, and brackets are mostly assembled using arc welding. A robot is employed for the welding process to save on labor.

③Axle housing machining

After the welding has been completed, the axle housing undergoes machining and polishing on the end tubes (located at either end) and the mounting surface of the differential carrier (located in the center).

④Axle unit assembly

Such peripheral components as the differential gear, axle shaft, hubs, and brakes are mounted onto the axle housing, Then it is coated and finished.