Press Kogyo Group's Principles of Management

Principles of Management

  • Contribute to the development and growth of a prosperous society by fulfilling personal and business obligations to customers, shareholders, employees and the world community.
  • Continue to be a reliable and trustworthy corporation through sincere efforts and hard work.

Corporate Vision

  • To be the world's No.1 manufacturer of our core products
  • Have a dream, and challenge yourself to make that dream a reality.
  • Each individual should play a role in achieving higher goals.
  • Anticipate challenges and create new value.


  • Build better human relations based on mutual respect among the workforce and the community.
  • Preserve transparency in the corporate climate by encouraging the free flow of communication.
  • With individual commitment as a foundation, energetically and actively follow commitments through to completion.
  • Always keep one's word and gain the trust of others.
  • Preserve the global environment and live in harmony with the community.