Press Kogyo Group : Vision / Mission / Values

Vision / Mission / Values

▪Vision (What we strive to be)

With pride and self-belief, we will continue to grow together with our stakeholders as a positive presence in our society.

For development of automotive and construction/industrial machinery parts, Press Kogyo Group has the full range of capabilities as follows:

- Development / design
- Analysis
- Experiments
- Manufacturing
- Quality assurance
- Design / manufacturing of tools, jigs and equipment

We continue to look toward the future and will grow with confidence and pride. This spirit comes from our history of overcoming challenges and from the refinement of our expertise to better serve society.

▪Mission (Promise to society and reason for being)

Through empathy and harmony with society, our “Monozukuri”
(manufacturing) will continue to be a force that better
serves people, automobiles and machines.

▪Values (Codes of conduct for realizing our vision and mission)

▪Safety, Security and Compliance

Safety, security and compliance form the basis of our actions. We uphold these values honorably and responsibly for all of our stakeholders.

▪Integrity and Effort

People are the foundation of our business. Our greatest fundamental and most important belief is trust which is gained through integrity and persistent effort.

▪Power to carry through

We act upon and accomplish our goals with a commitment to make it happen.


We question the status quo with curiosity and a will to find and try new solutions.
We enjoy the journey of creating the future.


We honor and embrace the uniqueness of everyone’s ideas and thoughts, and collaborate together.