1920s - 1950s

1925 Established as "Press Mfg. Works", Started press stamping for rolling stock parts and construction material parts.
1929 Started production of automotive parts (chassis frames).
1934 Reformed to publicly-quoted company, "PRESS KOGYO CO., LTD."
1937 Relocated head office and plant to Kawasaki city.
1953 Succeeded to develop stamped heavy duty rear axle housing for the first time in Japan.

1960s - 1980s

1961 Started production of Fujisawa Plant.
1967 Started Vehicle Assembly business.
1968 Started production of Onomichi Plant.
1976 Started production of Utsunomiya Plant.
1977 Started production of Cabin for Construction Machinery.
1988 Established U.S. operation, PK U.S.A., INC.
1989 Established Thai operation, Thai Summit PK Co., Ltd.,

1990s -

1991 Started production of Axle Unit Assembly.
1993 Started production of specially equipped vehicles.
1999 Applied newly developed technology, variant shaped steel pipe forming to Construction Machinery.
2000 Started assembly of Axle Unit for heavy duty truck.
2001 New management strategy introduced:
Aim at "specialized manufacturer in core products" by structural reform.
2004 Established China operation, PM Cabin Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
2005 Absorbed Press Kogyo Saitama Mfg. Co.,Ltd. and started production as Saitama Plant.
2008 Established Thai operation, Thai Summit PK Corporation Ltd..
2011 Established Indonesia operation, PT PK Manufacturing Indonesia.
2012 Established China operation, PRESS KOGYO MINI CABIN(SUZHOU) CO., Ltd.
2015 Started production of Earthquake shelters.